Threat Database Spam 'Your Order is Processed' Scam

'Your Order is Processed' Scam

Ill-minded people are disseminating numerous fake emails to unsuspecting users. The emails are designed to appear as legitimate notifications about a recent purchase made from a reputable retailer or company. The sums of the supposed items are deliberately chosen to be quite high, such as an expensive smartphone, a kitchen appliance or another pricey item. The goal of the con artists is to manipulate users into calling the provided phone number, as anyone who sees that such a large amount of money is about to be withdrawn from their bank accounts would try to stop the supposed purchase.

The scheme 'Your Order Is Processed' emails are created in a way that makes them appear as genuine as possible. They may contain the name, brand, and logo of a supposed retailer, such as Walmart, Target, PayPal, etc. However, none of the companies mentioned in the email have any connection to this scheme. Some of the lure emails even contain a fake invoice document attached to them.

When users phone the provided number expecting to talk to customer support, they are instead reaching out to the fraudsters. The supposed operator or technician is likely to request remote access to the victim's device under various false pretenses. The con artists could try to run a refund tactic where they trick users into making unnecessary transactions. In addition, they may try to obtain sensitive or private information as part of a phishing scheme. The fraudsters may even try to deliver intrusive tools or malware to the user's device. The consequences of falling for such tactics could be dire, as users could suffer financial losses, have their account credentials compromised, or have devices infected with spyware, ransomware, Trojans, etc.


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