Threat Database Phishing 'Your Password is About to Expire Tomorrow' Scam

'Your Password is About to Expire Tomorrow' Scam

Fraudsters are targeting users' email account credentials via a phishing campaign. They are disseminating lure emails posing as a notification from the victim's email service provided. The received email claims that the password for the recipient's email account is set to expire the next day. Users are given the choice to either change the password or keep the current one by clicking on the provided 'Keep Current Password' button.

As is the case with most tactics of this type, the button will redirect unsuspecting users to a specially crafted phishing website. The corrupted page is designed to appear visually similar to the official page of the user's email service provider. However, when visitors provide the required username/password for their email account, the credentials will be compromised by being sent to the con artists.

With access to the victim's email account, the fraudsters can perform a variety of fraudulent activities, depending on their particular goals. They can message the victim's contacts and ask for money, try to expand their reach by accessing other accounts connected to the breached email, or compile all collected credentials and offer them for sale. 


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