Threat Database Spam 'Your Netflix Subscription Suspended Within 2 Days' Scam

'Your Netflix Subscription Suspended Within 2 Days' Scam

The 'Your Netflix Subscription Suspended Within 2 Days' emails are used as lures in a threatening phishing campaign. The fraudsters utilize these decoys in an attempt to lead unsuspecting users toward a phishing portal that collects the information entered into it. The likely goal of the campaign is to obtain the Netflix account credentials of the targeted users.

The fake emails claim that the users' Netflix subscription has been suspended due to an issue with their latest payment. The fraudsters then graciously offer users to activate a 2-day reactivation period by clicking on the 'Update my payment' button provided in the email. Clicking the button will cause a redirect to a phishing website disguised as a Netflix login page. Users will be asked to provide their email or phone number and the associated password.

All provided credentials will then become available to the con artists. Afterward, they can use the information to take over the compromised accounts or try to further escalate their reach to other accounts belonging to the victim. Alternatively, the collected information could be packaged and offered for sale to interested third parties, potentially including cybercriminal organizations.


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