Threat Database Phishing 'Your Password is Set to Expire' Scam

'Your Password is Set to Expire' Scam

Users are being targeted with a wave of lure emails as part of a phishing tactic. The emails try to appear as urgent and crucial messages by carrying a subject line similar to 'Email Security Alert.' However, all of the messages associated with the 'Your Password is Set to Expire' scam are fake and their only role is to convince users into opening a dedicated phishing portal under false pretenses.

Indeed, the spam emails claim that the password of the recipient's email account is going to automatically expire in two days. To avoid this outcome, users are urged to maintain their 'password activity' by clicking on the conveniently provided 'KEEP MY PASSWORD' button. Doing so will take the unsuspecting users to a site designed to appear as an email login portal. However, entering their account credentials will not log in users into their emails, as this is not a legitimate site. Instead, all provided information will be collected by the operators of the 'Your Password is Set to Expire' scam.

The fraudsters could use users' credentials to take over their emails and any other associated accounts, such as those for social media platforms or messaging applications. Victims also may suffer financial losses if any of their banking or payment applications get compromised.


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