Threat Database Trojans 'Norton LifeLock' Scam

'Norton LifeLock' Scam

Defrauders are disseminating lure emails posing as purchase invoices in an attempt to trick unsuspecting users into calling a bogus phone number. In essence, this spam email campaign could fall into the technical support, phishing, and refund tactic categories, depending on the exact goals of its operators.

The lure emails, in this particular case, are presented as if coming from PayPal. Users will see the details of a supposed purchase of the Norton LifeLock Family Security software product for 10 devices for a total purchase price of $450. The email mentions on four different occasions that users who wish to cancel the order must call the provided phone number. It is vitally important to recognize that neither PayPal nor NortonLifeLock has any connection to this misleading operation. The names of the two companies are exploited by the fraudsters as a way to make the lure email appear more legitimate.

Calling the number presented as a PayPal Payment Service Support line will connect the recipients to a bogus phone operator working for the defrauders. From this point on, users could be asked to provide remote access to their devices under various pretenses. If successful, these people could collect information and files or deploy harmful malware threats on the system, such as RATs (Remote Access Trojans), info-stealers, crypto-miners, ransomware and more. They also could use social engineering tricks and methods to obtain personal or confidential information from their victims.


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