Super AV 2013

Super AV 2013 Description

Super AV 2013 is a kind of malware infection known as a rogue security program. Rogue anti-virus and anti-malware applications are part of a scam that criminals use to steal money from inexperienced computer users. Super AV 2013 will cause several issues on the compromised computer and will spam the victim repeatedly with alarming error messages. Despite its name, Super AV 2013 has no anti-virus component or capabilities. Rather, Super AV 2013 is a scam that will typically initiate with a fake online malware scan, which will often be presented as a pop-up window after the computer user is exposed to a malicious advertisement offering to scan their computer for malware for free. Regardless of the actual state of the victim's computer, these kinds of advertisements will try to convince the victim to download Super AV 2013 by claiming that the computer is severely infected. Sometimes, these will also try to install Super AV 2013 on the victim's computer without the computer user's consent.

Super AV 2013 is designed to make computer users believe that their computer is infected with different viruses and Trojans. There are several ways Super AV 2013 achieves this, such as displaying fake system scans and alarming error messages. The goal of the Super AV 2013 scam is to convince the victim to pay for an expensive 'upgrade' for this fake anti-virus program. ESG malware researchers strongly advise against doing this, especially because Super AV 2013 itself is a form of malware that should be removed with the help of a real, reliably anti-malware application.

To convince the victim that the computer is severely infected, Super AV 2013 will cause a number of symptoms deliberately:

  • Super AV 2013 has been known to interfere with legitimate security programs and prevent the victim from accessing websites related to computer security.
  • Super AV 2013 will cause the infected computer to run slowly and crash frequently.
  • Super AV 2013 can cause browser redirects and prevent the victim from accessing certain files and applications.
  • Super AV 2013 will display frequent alarming error messages that can make using the infected computer impractical and irritating. These can appear both as fake system alerts, pop-up notifications from the task bar or as browser pop-up windows.

Super AV 2013 blongs to the family and has, among its many clones,

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