Sphere Security 2012

Sphere Security 2012 Description

Type: Trojan

Sphere Security 2012 is a fake security application, a kind of malware threat that is referred to as a rogue security program. Sphere Security 2012 belongs to a large family of rogue security programs and Trojans known as the FakeScanti. When the FakeScanti Trojan infects a computer system, it installs a fake security application such as Sphere Security 2012 and causes a series of problems on the infected operating system. The FakeScanti Trojan and Sphere Security 2012 are part of a well-known online scam, which infects thousands of Internet users every year. New versions of FakeScanti are released regularly, as a way to stay ahead of PC security researchers. Sphere Security 2012 belongs to a series of versions of these fake security applications, which contain the year '2012' in the title, in order to take advantage of the closing of 2011 and to appear to be more legitimate. It is important to remember that Sphere Security 2012 has absolutely no real security capabilities. Rather than protecting your computer system, a FakeScanti Trojan infection will deliberately harm your computer and attempt to steal your money.

Known Clones of the Fake Security Application Sphere Security 2012

To stay one step ahead of malware analysts, the criminals behind the fake security program Sphere Security 2012 release constant new versions. Some known clones of Sphere Security 2012 are AV Security 2012, System Protection, System Protection 2012, System Security, System Security 2012, Security Sphere, Security Sphere 2012, Internet Antivirus, Antivirus 2012, and Sphere Security. The difference between Sphere Security 2012 and its many clones is minimal, limited only to aesthetic changes to the interface and the program's name.

To protect yourself from a Sphere Security 2012 infection, ESG security researchers recommend the use of strong and reliable anti-malware software. It is also essential to keep your security software fully updated so that it will spot the latest threats. To avoid infections such as Sphere Security 2012, it is also essential to stay away from unsafe websites (such as pornographic video websites or file sharing networks) and never download unknown files from any unknown online sources. Examples of files containing Trojans associated with Sphere Security 2012 include spam email attachments, fake video codecs on adult video websites and fake software updates from unreliable, third-party sources.

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