Milestone Antivirus

Milestone Antivirus Description

Type: Rogue AntiSpyware Programs

ScreenshotMilestone Antivirus is a fake security tool from the FakeScanti family that ransoms the proper operation of your computer until you purchase its software product. Milestone Antivirus is advertised through the use of Trojans that will install the bogus anti-spyware application onto your computer system without your consent, as well as advertisements simulating to be online anti-malware scanners. Once Milestone Antivirus is installed on a PC, it will be configured to launch automatically when Windows starts. When initiated, Milestone Antivirus will execute a scan and claim that you have numerous viruses on your computer, but will not enable you to remove them until you purchase the software program. In reality, all of the files it claims are malware infections are actually legitimate Microsoft Windows files and none of these files are actually malicious.

Milestone Antivirus has various clones that include Security Guard, Sysinternals Antivirus, Wireshark Antivirus, BlueFlare Antivirus, WolfRam AntiVirus, OpenCloud Antivirus, OpenCloud Security, Data Restore, OpenCloud AV, Security Guard 2012, AV Guard Online, Guard Online, Cloud Protection, AV Protection Online, System Protection 2012, AV Security 2012, Sphere Security 2012, AV Protection 2011, Super AV 2013.

While Milestone Antivirus is running on a PC system, it will block programs from running on your computer. When you try to run an application, Milestone Antivirus will terminate it and show a fake security message. Milestone Antivirus will also show fabricated security alerts in order to intimidate you into believing that you have a serious security problem on your computer. The virus messages and pop-up security alerts are all completely falsified and should be rejected. Milestone Antivirus was designed to mislead you into believing your files are corrupted so that you will then buy the fake program. You should not purchase Milestone Antivirus scareware and remove it and any related malware threats immediately after its detection.ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot

Technical Information

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File System Details

Milestone Antivirus creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 csrss.exe 01b754b42f889f45017941a9e4573dcf 2
2 Milestone Antivirus.exe 6be284d931aaeffd656d0beab8974bae 1
3 c:\Program Files\Milestone Antivirus\Milestone Antivirus.exe N/A
4 c:\Program Files\csrss.exe N/A
5 c:\Program Files\conhost.exe N/A
6 c:\Program Files\scdata\wskinn.exe N/A
7 c:\Program Files\nuar.old N/A
8 c:\Program Files\skynet.dat N/A
9 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\ N/A
10 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\i3.gif N/A
11 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\j3.gif N/A
12 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\jj3.gif N/A
13 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\l3.gif N/A
14 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\t2.gif N/A
15 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\w1.gif N/A
16 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\wt1.gif N/A
17 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\Thumbs.db N/A
18 %UserProfile%\Desktop\Milestone Antivirus.exe.txt N/A
19 %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Milestone Antivirus\ N/A
20 c:\Program Files\Milestone Antivirus.ico N/A
21 c:\Program Files\sh4.dat N/A
22 c:\Program Files\scdata\wispex.html N/A
23 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\i2.gif N/A
24 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\j2.gif N/A
25 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\jj2.gif N/A
26 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\l2.gif N/A
27 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\t1.gif N/A
28 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\up2.gif N/A
29 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\w2.gif N/A
30 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\wt3.gif N/A
31 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\word.doc N/A
32 %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Milestone Antivirus\Milestone Antivirus.lnk N/A
33 c:\Program Files\Milestone Antivirus\ N/A
34 c:\Program Files\sh3.dat N/A
35 c:\Program Files\scdata\ N/A
36 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\i1.gif N/A
37 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\j1.gif N/A
38 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\jj1.gif N/A
39 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\l1.gif N/A
40 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\pix.gif N/A
41 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\up1.gif N/A
42 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\w11.gif N/A
43 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\wt2.gif N/A
44 c:\Program Files\scdata\images\w3.jpg N/A
45 %UserProfile%\Desktop\Milestone Antivirus.lnk N/A
46 conhost.exe 0db896d10b5b8da528e177e35129a995 0

Registry Details

Milestone Antivirus creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
%APPDATA%\Milestone Antivirus
%ProgramFiles%\Milestone Antivirus
Registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Milestone Antivirus
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command "(Default)" = 'C:\Program Files\conhost.exe "%1" %*'

More Details on Milestone Antivirus

The following messages associated with Milestone Antivirus were found:
Security Warning
Malicious programs that may steal your private information and prevent your system from working properly are detected on your computer.
Click here to clean your PC immediately.
Security Warning
There are critical system files on your computer that were modified by malicious program.
It will cause unstable work of your system and permanent data loss.
Click here to undo performed modifications and remove malicious software (Highly recommended).
Security Warning
Your computer continues to be infected with harmful viruses. In order to prevent permanent loss of your information and credit card data theft please activate your antivirus software. Click here to enable protection.
Security Warning:
The file C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe is infected.
Running of application is impossible.

Please activate your antivirus software.
svchost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.
Please tell Microsoft about this problem.
We have created an error report that you can send to us. We will treat this report as confidential and anonymous.
To see what data this error report contains, click here.
Warning: Infection is Detected
Windows has found spyware infection on your computer!
Click here to update your Windows antivirus software
Warning: Spyware Detected
Windows has found spy programs running on your computer!
Click here to update your Windows antivirus software

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