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Medusa Ransomware

The ransomware known as MEDUSA is designed to encrypt data and add the extension '.MEDUSA' to the filenames of the affected files. The Medusa Ransomware also drops a ransom note contained in a file called '!!!READ_ME_MEDUSA!!!.txt.'

A common method used by the MEDUSA Ransomware to modify filenames is to add the '.MEDUSA' extension to the original filename. For instance, '1.jpg' becomes '1.jpg.MEDUSA,' while '2.doc' is renamed to '2.doc.MEDUSA,' and so on.

The Medusa Ransomware Locks Files and Extorts Users for Money

As per the ransom note, the cyber attackers have managed to breach the network and copy its data. They claim to have accessed the entire network, including the backup system and extracted all valuable information, which they have saved in a private cloud storage.

Moreover, the attackers have encrypted all the files on the network using an uncrackable encryption algorithm, making it impossible for the victim to access these files without their help. The attackers state that they are willing to decrypt the files if the victims establish contact through the specified live chat and pay a ransom for the decryption tool and keys.

However, the ransom note also claims that if victims do not pay the ransom within three days, the attackers will make all the collected data public. To contact the cybercriminals, the ransom note provides instructions on how to access their live chat, Tox Chat Program, or support email, ''

Ransomware Threats Like Medusa may Have a Devastating Impact

Ransomware attacks can have severe consequences for individuals and organizations alike. They can result in the loss of sensitive or valuable data, financial damage, and reputational harm. One of the most significant dangers of a ransomware attack is the possibility of losing access to critical systems and data. Attackers often encrypt files or lock users out of their systems until a ransom is paid, which can be costly and time-consuming to recover from. This can lead to operational disruptions and even total system failure.

Ransomware attacks also may lead to data breaches, where attackers collect sensitive information from compromised systems. This can include personally identifiable information, financial data, or intellectual property. The theft of such information can have severe consequences, including identity theft, financial fraud or corporate espionage.

Furthermore, ransomware attacks also may cause reputational damage to individuals and organizations. If sensitive information is leaked or a company is unable to provide services or fulfill its obligations due to a ransomware attack, customers or clients may lose trust in the organization. This can lead to a loss of business or negative publicity.

Overall, ransomware attacks pose a significant threat to individuals and organizations alike, and their consequences can be severe and long-lasting. It is essential to take preventative measures, such as regular backups and security awareness training, to reduce the risk of falling victim to such attacks.

The full text of Medusa Ransomware's ransom-demanding message is:

'-----------------------------[ Hello, ********  !!! ]--------------------------



1. We have PENETRATE your network and COPIED data.

* We have penetrated entire network including backup system and researched all about your data.

* And we have extracted all of your important and valuable data and copied them to private cloud storage.

2. We have ENCRYPTED your files.

While you are reading this message, it means all of your files and data has been ENCRYPTED by world's strongest ransomware.

All files have encrypted with new military-grade encryption algorithm and you can not decrypt your files.

But don't worry, we can decrypt your files.

There is only one possible way to get back your computers and servers - CONTACT us via LIVE CHAT and pay for the special


This MEDUSA DECRYPTOR will restore your entire network, This will take less than 1 business day.



We can post your data to the public and send emails to your customers.

We have professional OSINTs and media team for leak data to telegram, facebook, twitter channels and top news websites.

You can suffer significant problems due disastrous consequences, leading to loss of valuable intellectual property and other sensitive information,

 costly incident response efforts, information misuse/abuse, loss of customer trust, brand and reputational damage, legal and regulatory issues.

After paying for the data breach and decryption, we guarantee that your data will never be leaked and this is also for our reputation.

YOU should be AWARE!


We will speak only with an authorized person. It can be the CEO, top management, etc.

In case you ar not such a person - DON'T CONTACT US! Your decisions and action can result in serious harm to your company!

Inform your supervisors and stay calm!

If you do not contact us within 3 days, We will start publish your case to our official blog and everybody will start notice your incident!

--------------------[ Official blog tor address ]--------------------

Using TOR Browser(hxxps://



----------------------[ Your company live chat address ]---------------------------

Using TOR Browser(hxxps://


Or Use Tox Chat Program(hxxps://

Add user with our tox ID : 4AE245548F2A225882951FB14E9BF87E E01A0C10AE159B99D1EA62620D91A372205227254A9F

Our support email: ( )

Company identification hash:'

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