'FedEx PACKAGE WAITING' Scam Description

A new phishing tactic that uses a non-existent FedEx delivery to trick users has been uncovered by cybersecurity researchers. The rogue websites associated with the 'FedEx PACKAGE WAITING' scam, claim that users have a pending package delivery that supposedly consists of an iPad Pro and a keyboard. Users then go through a multi-page confirmation process where they provide various delivery information. However, when the 'Get My Package' button is finally pressed, it opens a completely unrelated website.

The new page claims that users 'TODAYS WINNER' and are now eligible to receive a lucrative reward, such as an iPad Pro. However, to receive the promised reward, users will first need to again provide their delivery details - full names, home addresses, phone numbers and emails. Reading the small text found on the phishing page reveals that users that go through this process will be signed up for trial access to the content of an affiliated website. Of course, this is not a free service - the membership will cost users $48 every two weeks until its cancelation. Those that wish to opt out of the trial immediately, will still need to pay a fee of $4.95.

In short, the fraudsters will try to siphon out funds from their victims, while also receiving potentially sensitive information. The acquired data could then be exploited by the con artists themselves or offered for sale to interested third parties.