AlfaAntivirus Description

Type: Rogue Anti-Virus Program

AlfaAntivirus is a fake anti-spyware program and part of an elaborate rogueware family named FakeSpyPro. AlfaAntivirus was developed by scammers to trick and drive Internet users to purchase the supposed registered version of AlfaAntivirus. Also, Trojans are used to propagate rogue anti-spyware programs like AlfaAntivirus. If you attempt to fix the infections, AlfaAntivirus will state that you must first acquire the full version of AlfaAntivirus. The purchase of AlfaAntivirus is not what makes it suspicious, but the fact is that it lists the same fabricated malware results. AlfaAntivirus uses a Trojan to take control of the user's computer, and the program does not have malware removal capabilities. Consider AlfaAntivirus an empty shell created by cybercriminals to lure you into relinquishing your credit card information. AlfaAntivirus is not genuine security software; AlfaAntivirus only knows to show you certain error messages and link you to a purchase page to get your personal information. Instead of taking advice from the rogue software program AlfaAntivirus, you should get rid of AlfaAntivirus with a malware remover.

AlfaAntivirus has many clones that include AntiSpyware Soft, Antivirus System Pro, Spyware Protect 2009, Security Central, Antivirus Soft, Antivirus Suite, Antivir Solution Pro, Security Suite, Malware Destructor 2011, Antivirus Action, Antivirus Scan, PC Security 2011, Antivirus .NET, AntiVira Av, AntiMalware GO, Antivirii 2011, Antivirus Monitor, Antivirus Live.

Technical Information

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File System Details

AlfaAntivirus creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 gtb.dll e15ba9b32208c14c7b15fc6b1c2384e9 0
2 runbst.exe f3917956d05c94a52d18fad795d31813 0

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