Threat Database Spam '$100 Amazon Gift Card' Email Scam

'$100 Amazon Gift Card' Email Scam

Cybercriminals are using a deceptive email spam campaign to distribute malware threats. The decoy emails promise users that they have won a $100 Amazon Gift Card. To make their false claims appear more legitimate, the emails also feature the Amazon logo and even encourage users to share their supposed rewards on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Of course, none of the claims made by these decoy emails are true. Their goal is to convince users that they need to click on the provided link to claim their prize. Cybersecurity experts have observed the links of the '$100 Amazon Gift Card' scam emails to initiate the download of either a weaponized SRC file or an MS Office document. Once the unsuspecting users try to open the downloaded file, they will trigger an infection chain that will deploy the Dridex Trojan on their computers.

Dridex is classified as a banking Trojan and spyware. Its main function is to extract sensitive and confidential information related to banking or other financial services. The threat can establish keylogging routines and try to collect banking credentials from the breached devices. The consequences of a Dridex infection could include significant financial loss for the victims.


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