Threat Database Adware 'YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!' Pop-Ups


Users who tend to browse dodgy websites often encounter several issues as such Web pages work hand in hand with shady advertisement networks and other dubious services. Shady websites include pages hosting adult content, gambling platforms, illicit streaming sites, bogus giveaway Web pages, etc. Visitors of such websites are likely to come across the ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ pop-ups. These fake pop-ups claim that the visitors have won a prize, and to claim it, they have to complete a few steps. To make this tactic more believable, its authors have also built a fake page with bogus reviews from non-existing individuals who claim to have won the prize in question.

The Con-Artists may Utilize Various Tricks

There are several tricks the ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ pop-ups may attempt to pull on the user. One of them is tricking them into allowing Web browser notifications from the authors of the scheme. This will not affect the safety of your system but will reduce your browsing quality certainly. Fake pages often attempt to convince the users to allow them to display Web browser notifications and then proceed to bombard them with relentless advertisements promoting various shady services and products. The ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ tactic also may require the users to fill in some details such as name, address, phone number, etc.

Needless to say, it is not a good idea to give out such information unless you have confirmed the trustworthiness of the platform. The data collected by the ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ scam is likely used to provide users with better-targeted advertisements. However, there is a more unsafe trick that the ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ pop-ups may be utilizing. Such tactics would sometimes claim that the users need to confirm their identity by sending a text message to a phone number the con-artists provide. More often than not, the price of the text message will be far higher than what is listed by the fake page.

Thankfully, the ‘YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!’ pop-ups are not associated with any malware, which means that your system has not been compromised. If you want to rid yourself of these nasty pop-ups, close the shady page that is hosting them and avoid visiting the dodgy website in the future.


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