Fake Error Messages

Fake warning messages (sometimes referred to as fake error messages or fake security alerts), are deceptive notifications that usually appear in the form of pop-ups and/or a web page. These fake error messages are known to be associated with fraudulent security software such as rogue anti-spyware and rogue anti-virus applications.

Fake warning messages often pose as legitimate Windows alerts, stating that your computer is infected with malware, in order to intimidate you into performing a hasty download of a rogue anti-spyware program. Even attempting to close these fake warning messages may result in numerous others taking its place, or end up redirecting you to a rogue website, where a fake anti-spyware application may be automatically downloaded.

Fake error messages are used by many malware creators in an attempt to trick you into downloading potentially harmful programs.

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There are currently 280 articles listed on fake error messages.

Name Threat Level Detection Count Date
'Online Protection Tool' Fake Message March 26, 2010
'Outdated Java Plugin Detected' Pop-Up February 25, 2014
'Please complete a quick survey to continue' Virus 77/10 0 January 9, 2013
'Please Install Codec Performer Update' Fake Pop-Up Alert October 28, 2013
'Please Install iMesh (Recommended)' Pop-Up Alert March 3, 2014
'Please remove ity.im ads from your website' Pop-Up Alert January 22, 2013
'Please Support This Site By Watching This Video' Popup December 27, 2013
'Please Update Player' Pop-Up January 9, 2014
'Problems have been detected with your Flash Player version' Alert January 27, 2014
'Recommendations... Windows Security Center' Pop-up September 25, 2009
'Recommendations...' Alert March 7, 2009
'Recommended for You' Pop-Ups May 15, 2012
'Security Shield Warning' Fake Alert December 17, 2010
'Seek Error - Sector not found' Fake Pop-Up Alert November 28, 2012
'Select Speed to Continue' Pop-Up Message February 17, 2014
'Serious disk error writing drive C:' Fake Alert November 8, 2012
'Spyware Alarm!' Pop-Up March 15, 2009
'Spyware object detected!' Popup March 9, 2009
'Spyware Protect 2009 Alert' Fake Message May 29, 2009
'Spyware Protect 2009 Windows Security Alert' Fake Message May 26, 2009
'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert February 26, 2013
'System Error. Hard Disk failure detected' Fake Alert September 28, 2012
'System message – Error Seek' Fake Alert February 25, 2013
'System Message – Sector Not Found' Fake Alert March 26, 2013
'System process at address 0xE4783995 have just crashed' Message May 16, 2011

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