Fake Google Chrome Update

By ZulaZuza in Fake Error Messages

Fake Google Chrome Update is a deceitful pop-up warning message, which may corrupt the PC with malware infections and destroy it. Fake Google Chrome Update proliferates via a variety of infected websites, one of them Nv83.info. Fake Google Chrome Update may specify that the PC is contaminated with an adware, a potentially unwanted program or any other malware threat. When the computer user is rerouted to Nv83.info, or any other websites linked to this hoax, which aims to disperse Fake Google Chrome Update, a screen notification that pretends to be a Google Chrome's policy and privacy web page will be shown. Fake Google Chrome Update will press the PC user to download a particular application. If the computer user clicks on the link, instead of the browser update, the website will download an adware or any other malware infection such as a browser hijacker and attempt to push password database software named Chica Password Manager. The installed adware may cover the desktop of the PC with annoying pop-up advertisements. Adware may also embed an unwanted plug-in, add-on or extension. Browser hijackers may substitute search results in any legal search provider and reroute PC users to a variety of advertising websites designed to push specific products made by fraudsters.


The following messages associated with Fake Google Chrome Update were found:

Google Chrome Update!
It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version. Please update to continue.

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I found a link that leads to a fake update! Don't install if you see it!: lpcloudsvr302.com/2268454726313170494D3057532D492520E11D2817D79BB0116DAA11961C3534A70838E3ECF29F12788329DB657B9D6B?zt=529cf5f66d47cd4eb3000003&PubID=529cf5f66d47cd4eb3000003&tgu_src_lp_domain=www.lpdownclsva011.com&ClickID=&n=Stream%20in%20HD

Full of virus


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