Threat Database Fake Error Messages 'Please Update Player' Pop-Up

'Please Update Player' Pop-Up

The 'Please Update Player' pop-up is an intrusive, fake error message that is used to distribute Potentially Unwanted Programs or other types of threatening content. Bogus update messages for media players (such as the popular Adobe Flash Player) are among the most common ways in which criminals or shady marketers convince computer users to download and install harmful content onto their computers. The fake updates distributed with messages like the 'Please Update Player' pop-up have, in the past, been used to deliver all kinds of PUPs and content ranging from harmful Trojans and viruses to more benign, but suspicious Web browser extensions or add-ons. If the 'Please Update Player' pop-up is showing up on your Web browser, malware experts strongly exhort that computer users avoid clicking on its contents or following its instructions to prevent this bogus error message from exposing your computer to other, more risky online content.

Common Reasons Why the 'Please Update Player' Pop-Up Appears on a Web Browser

The 'Please Update Player' pop-up may be associated with PUPs, threats or with websites with poorly regulated advertisement content. If the 'Please Update Player' pop-up only appears when you visit a particular website or type of website, this usually indicates that the website itself has poorly regulated advertisement content or is being used to distribute threatening content. Common websites that may contain unsafe content such as the 'Please Update Player' pop-up include pornographic Web pages, file sharing communities and websites involved in software or media piracy.

If the 'Please Update Player' pop-up appears regardless of the website you are visiting, including legitimate websites that would normally not display any kind of pop-up window on your computer, then this usually means that a PUP is already installed on your Web browser.

To stop the 'Please Update Player' pop-up, refrain from visiting websites with harmful content. You should also uninstall any PUPs already installed on your computer. Malware experts support the utilization of a genuine security program that will scan your computer to find and remove it.


The following messages associated with 'Please Update Player' Pop-Up were found:

For better viewing performance please update your movie player.
**Current Release Notes**

Superior HD Video Streaming and Hardware Acceleration
Download Any Movies, Shows or Video Clips
Critical Security Patch and Bug Fixes
Richer, more immersive user experiences
Note: This Update is Free and Takes Under a Minute on Broadband No Restart Required


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