Fake Error Messages

There are currently 280 articles listed on fake error messages.

Name Date
'System Security Warning: Intercepting programs' June 24, 2009
'The file UdaterUI.exe is infected' Warning Popup December 3, 2009
'The Security of Your Computer Danger' Wallpaper March 19, 2009
'The Shockwave Flash Player Has Crashed' Pop-Up Message February 17, 2014
'This is a Recommended download, Install takes less than a minute' Pop-Up Alert January 17, 2014
'This website has been blocked for you!' Fake Warning Message March 22, 2013
'Threat Detected: Immediate Action Required' Fake Alert November 21, 2013
'Together We Fight Cancer' Pop-Up April 1, 2014
'Update Available' Popup October 12, 2006
'Update the latest Java version' Pop-Up Alert January 27, 2014
'Video ActiveX Object Error' Fake Message June 22, 2010
'Video Update Recommended' Pop-Up January 9, 2014
'Warning Your PC Is About To Crash' Fake Alert February 26, 2014
'WARNING: Your Current Browser Is Outdated!' Fake Warning Message November 12, 2013
'Warning! Identity theft attempt detected' Fake Message July 15, 2010
'Warning! Infected file detected' Fake Alert September 5, 2013
'Warning! Piracy Detected!' Fake Message May 21, 2011
'Warning! Spambot Detected!' Fake Message October 14, 2010
'Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!' August 25, 2011
'Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer' Fake Alert October 7, 2013
'Warning! The site you are trying to visit' Fake Alert March 28, 2013
'Warning! You Have Excessive Pop-Ups' Alert March 10, 2014
'Warning! Your computer contains various signs of viruses' False Alert July 12, 2010
'Warning! Your computer may be infected' Pop-Up March 14, 2014
'Warning!' Wallpaper June 5, 2009

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