'Recommended for You' Pop-Ups

'Recommended for You' Pop-Ups Description

ScreenshotThere are numerous reports of computer users affected with intrusive 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups. These function as a kind of browser hijacker infection, forcing the infected web browser to take the victim to a website their authorization. The 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups have also been associated with unwanted advertisement content displayed in the bottom right corner of the victim's screen. These 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups have been linked to various Trojan infections, often in the form of malicious browser helper objects of add-ons. Often, the presence of 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups will also indicate the presence of a rootkit infection. In fact, most browser hijacker infections associated with the 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups will be composed of a multitude of malware threats acting together to attack the victim's computer system.

Common Causes of 'Recommended for You' Pop-Ups

ESG malware analysts have detected that 'Recommended for You' Pop-ups combined with browser redirects are often associated with the presence of two Trojans on the victim's computer system, Trojan.Small.dac or Troj/RuinDl-Gen. Affected victims have reported that the web browser redirects do not seem to follow a particular pattern and happen seemingly at random. They also seem to be soft redirects, that is, instead of forcibly blocking all websites and redirects every single time, they only redirect occasionally. This lowers the chances of the victim removing this threat since they may go unnoticed or, in the case of inexperienced computer users, they may be mistaken for a normal occurrence.