Fake Error Messages

Most Trending Fake Error Messages in the Last 2 Weeks

# Threat Name Severity Level Alias(es) Detections
1. 'Your PC is infected with malicious software'
2. "Your iCloud Is Being Hacked" Scam
3. 'Warning! Spambot Detected!' Fake Message
4. "Donation From Coca-Cola" Email Scam
5. Zlob.Porn.Ad
6. Resident Shield: New virus detected
7. "McAfee Has Blocked Your Windows" Support Scam
8. Toolbar.MyWebSearch 50 % (Medium) not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32
9. "Your iCloud Is Being Hacked" Error Message
10. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Pop-up Alert
11. Torrent Alert Fake Message
12. “Mac OS: The system is in danger” Error Message
13. Fake Firefox Security Alert
14. 'Critical Hard Disk Drive Error' Message
15. 'You Shall Not Pass' Virus 10 % (Normal) 571
16. 'METROPOLITAN POLICE' Attention! Illegal activity was revealed!
17. 'Threat Detected: Immediate Action Required' Fake Alert
18. 'Windows Security Alert' Fake Message
19. Fake Google Chrome Update
20. 'This website has been blocked for you!' Fake Warning Message
21. 'Your Windows has been blocked' Fake Message
22. Attention! For security reasons Windows has been blocked
23. Fake 'Windows license locked!' Error Message
24. Lsas.Trojan-Spy.DOS.Keycopy
25. Fake Federal German Police (BKA) Notice Variante
26. Cloud Activation Lock
27. 'System Error. Hard Disk failure detected' Fake Alert
28. 'WARNING: Your Current Browser Is Outdated!' Fake Warning Message
29. Warning! Trojan Found! Popup
30. Zlob.Porn.Ad Adware, Warning! Adware detected! Adware module detected on your PC!

Last updated: 2023-10-09

Threat Name Severity Level Detections
'Warning!' Wallpaper
'Windows - Read error' Fake Alert
'Windows Antivirus 2012 has found critical process' Fake Message
'Windows Browser Warning' Fake Message
'Windows Delayed Write Failed' Fake Alert
'Windows Security 2012 has found critical process' Pop-Up Alert
'Windows Security Alert' Fake Message
'Windows Security has found critical process' Fake Alert
'You are Missing a Plugin to Play Videos' Pop-up Alert
'You have committed network crime!'
'You Might Enjoy Reading' Pop-up
'You need to update your version of media player' Virus 20 % (Normal) 0
'You Shall Not Pass' Virus 10 % (Normal) 571
'Your codec version is too old!'
'Your computer is infected with Spyware!'
'Your FLV Player is Ready to Download' Pop-Up Message
'Your PC is infected with malicious software'
'Your Pc Performance Might Be Poor' Fake Alert
'Your Streaming Speed Is Slow' Fake Alert
'Your system doesn’t support this video file' Pop-Up
'Your Video Downloader might be outdated' Fake Alert
'Your Video Player might be outdated' Pop-Up
'Your website access has been restricted' Virus 20 % (Normal) 9,039
'Your Windows has been blocked' Fake Message
"486 Privacy Violations Found!" Popup
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