Threat Database Fake Error Messages 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

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The 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert is one of the many fake error messages associated with System Repair and its many variants. This rogue system optimization program, or fake defragmenter, has numerous variants that all carry out the same scam. Rogue defragmenters use fake error messages like the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert in order to trick computer users into buying expensive, useless upgrades for these fake defragmenter programs. Despite claiming that they can speed up your computer, these kinds of rogue system utilities are a well-known scam. Error messages like the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert are the most common symptom of a rogue defragmenter or anti-malware program infection and mean that you should remove the offending program from your computer immediately with the help of a real anti-virus application.

Understanding Fake Error Messages Like the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

The 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert is just one of dozens of different scary error messages associated with System Repair and other fake defragmenters. These kinds of messages are meant to make you believe that your computer is damaged or severely infected with malware. They pop up from the task bar or are displayed in a typical error message window (the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert belongs to the first kind) and mimic legitimate Windows error messages. Fake error messages like the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert are coupled with constant alerts to 'upgrade' to a 'full version' of System Repair (or the variant infecting that computer). While the error messages may stop after 'upgrading,' ESG security researchers strongly advise against paying for these kinds of fake defragmenters since they are malware infections that are often accompanied by other threats.

The 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert May Be Associated with Other Symptoms

Apart from error messages, the 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' fake alert may be accompanied by other symptoms. ESG security researchers have observed that fake defragmenters are often capable of hiding the victim's files by setting their status to 'hidden' so the victim will believe that the damage to their computer has caused their files to disappear. These kinds of programs often also harass computer users with browser redirects and fake system scans meant to pressure the computer user into paying for a useless 'full version' of the rogue defragmenter.


The following messages associated with 'svchost.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert were found:

svchost.exe – Corrupt Disk
Exception Processing Message 0xC0000249
Parameters 0x7C80029B
0x000002B3 0x7C8005EE 0x7C8001A4


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