Redl Ransomware

The Redl Ransomware is probably the last member of the STOP Ransomware family to be released in 2019. This ransomware family has shown remarkable activity throughout the entire year, and it is responsible for over 50% of ransomware infections worldwide – modern anti-virus products are able to catch and terminate this threatening program on time but, sadly, not all users have taken the necessary measures to keep their systems protected.

The Redl Ransomware's attack is not any different from the one performed by previous iterations of the STOP Ransomware – it locks a wide range of file types, adds a unique extension to their names, and then creates the ransom note '_readme.txt.' In this case, the locked files will be marked with the '.redl' extension. As for the ransom message, its contents state that the victim can purchase a decryptor for $490, but they are warned that this special prize is valid for just 72 hours – after this deadline is over, its price will be doubled.

The Redl Ransomware appears to introduce new email addresses that the attackers use – and Just like previous variants of the STOP Ransomware, this one also promises its victims that they will get one file decrypted for free – it is recommended to accept this offer since it is a great chance to get an important file back. However, we advise you not to cooperate with the attackers any further as they may end up tricking you out of your money.

If your computer has been infiltrated by the Redl Ransomware, then we advise you to run an anti-virus product that can help dispose of the harmful files. After you complete the ransomware's removal, you can proceed to experiment with data recovery utilities.


Hogyan tudom visszakódolni a fájljaimat redl vírus esetén?

The files may not be able to be decrypted. However, SpyHunter can remove the ransomware from your computer. You can then utilize a backup to restore any damaged files.

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