Threat Database Phishing 'Google - Qatar World Cup Lottery' Scam

'Google - Qatar World Cup Lottery' Scam

Fraudsters are using the soccer World Cup tournament held in Qatar as a lure to trick unsuspecting victims. Infosec researchers have uncovered another misleading campaign consisting of fake emails. The disseminated messages claim that their recipients have won a prize by being selected as a winner in a 'Google - Qatar World Cup Lottery.'  The emails and their contents are entirely fake and should not be trusted.

The fraudulent emails claim that their recipients have won £5,794,200.00, worth nearly 7 million dollars, from the supposed World Cup lottery. To make the claims appear more legitimate, the emails also contain a reference number assigned to the winner. However, to claim their supposed winnings, victims are instructed to send several, personal details to the provided '' email address. The con artists ask for users' names, country, phone number, age, etc. It is likely that after contacting the bogus email, victims will be asked to provide more sensitive information or be coerced into sending money to the fraudsters under the guise of an 'administration,' 'processing' or other made-up fees. 


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