Threat Database Adware Ads Ads is a website offering you to stream select TV series and movies illegally in the sense that you don't need to pay any fees whatsoever to do that. In addition, the site also is chock-full of pop-up advertisements, banners, and suspicious links leading to unknown destinations.

Quite a few sites offer similar services where you can click on a movie to watch it online. More often than not, clicking on the film will open a sponsored link instead, and you may need to press the "play" button multiple times before you can launch the video. Every false click unleashes a new pop-up window, often leading to a pile of opened weblinks cluttering up your desktop. Closing them one by one also may turn out to be a tiresome exercise. provides a growing medium for distributing malware as suspicious links, pop-ups, and dubious banners are everywhere virtually and new ones keep showing up. They may serve as a gateway to unsafe places on the Web ultimately, i.e., pages containing Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs), adware-like browser hijackers, Trojans and all sorts of harmful threats.  

Although the prospect of watching your favorite movies and TV episodes for free sounds appealing, at first sight, the underlying dangers may outweigh any plausible benefits. That raises the question of whether it is worth taking risks when you could stick to open streaming platforms while steering clear from shady malware-laden threat incubators.


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