is a website designed to deliver questionable content or redirect users to dubious third-party pages. The site is targeted at Mac users mainly but could be opened on other Apple devices as easily. Lading on could expose users to various phishing schemes that try to obtain information. Furthermore, users who notice that their browser opens this page abnormally often could have a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) present on their devices. has been observed to perform several different schemes. The page could generate a pop-up window that claims to have detected multiple malware threats on the user's device. This is a common scare tactic that is false completely and utterly. No website can perform a malware scan on its own. Less tech-savvy users could be influenced by the panic-inducing messages and could continue to follow the instructions that will supposedly help them deal with the situation. 

However, doing so will only expose them to additional security risks. could try to convince its visitors into calling a phone number that is presented as belonging to Apple technical support. On the other side of the line, only the fraudsters are waiting. They can employ various social-engineering tactics to trick users into divulging sensitive information. Another popular tactic employed by these people is to ask for a remote connection with the user's device under the pretense of cleaning it from the non-existent malware threats. If the user agrees, the con artists can then deploy PUPs to the system or even serious malware threats such as backdoors, Trojans or malware.

Instead of the technical support tactic, might be promoting a PUP that it claims to be powerful enough to get rid of the still non-existent malware threats. The promoted application will most likely be either Mac Auto Fixer, Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mac Mechanic, Mac Cleanup Pro, or another one that is identical in functionality. Keep in mind that even if the app is perfectly legitimate and harmless, you should still install it from the official App Store and not a site that you landed o randomly. 


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