Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer Description

The Mac Auto Fixer is a shady application that targets systems that are running Apple’s OSX exclusively. The authors of this application have set up a website promoting it, which is likely a trick that is meant to make the software tool appear more legitimate than it is. In the Mac Auto Fixer application website, you can download a trial version of this dodgy product, but not all users who have stumbled upon the dubious tool have found it via the Web page. In fact, most users who have happened to come across the Mac Auto Fixer application have done so thanks to bogus Adobe Flash Player updates, fake download suggestions, software bundling and other shady means of propagation. Technically, the Mac Auto Fixer application cannot be considered as malware because it does not harm the users or their systems. This is why cybersecurity experts have listed the Mac Auto Fixer software tool as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Despite the fact that PUPs are not unsafe applications, they can still affect one’s browsing quality negatively and cause annoyance and irritation.

How to Avoid Applications Like the Mac Auto Fixer

If you want to dodge having to deal with PUPs like the Mac Auto Fixer application, you should be doubly careful with your browsing habits. Do not install applications from unknown sources, as they may end up being fake or even harmful. Be far from websites that claim to be able to scan your computer for the presence of malware, as these are usually fake and aim to trick you into installing a paid product that may not be legitimate. Be wary when installing free applications, particularly, as some may attempt to mislead you into installing additional software during the installation process.

Attempts to Get the User to Purchase the Full Version of the Product

The Mac Auto Fixer applications will make sure to gain persistence on the host and ensure that it is run every time the computer is rebooted. Upon launching the Mac Auto Fixer software tool, this application will run a scan on the system, and present the users with a dodgy report regarding their systems health. Usually, the report will state that the system has been compromised, and the user needs to remove some unnecessary files from their computers. Then, the Mac Auto Fixer application will present the user with a ‘Fix All Items’ button. However, upon clicking the button, the users will be notified that they need to purchase the full version of the product if they want to perform this action. There is no evidence that the reports presented by the Mac Auto Fixer application are always fake. However, a legitimate application that is meant to ensure your system’s safety will not enter into your system without your consent in the first place.

Many Mac users live with the false belief that their computers are impenetrable fortresses when it comes to malware or dodgy applications. This is simply not true. Mac users need to look into obtaining legitimate anti-virus software that will protect their systems and make sure they do not need to deal with malware or shady applications.

How Can You Detect Malware?

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