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Mac Cleanup Pro ScreenshotThere are several complaints on the official Apple forums by users who were targeted by advertisements that promote the Mac Cleanup Pro, an optimization utility that claims to provide users with the ability to clean their Mac devices and optimize its performance and health. However, there is a catch – the users did not see online advertisements. Instead, they see pop-ups offering to purchase the full version of the Mac Cleanup Pro were triggered by the trial version of the Mac Cleanup Pro they had on their computer. Many of the users report that they did not recall installing this application so that it is possible that it might have used social engineering tricks or misleading instructions to get there. It is not unusual for Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) like the Mac Cleanup Pro to be spread via software bundling.

A Useless Cleanup Tool that Uses Bogus Marketing Tricks

Experts advise against the use of optimization utilities on Mac devices since they may often end up doing more harm than good. Latest versions of Apple’s operating system are capable of optimizing the system’s performance and disk space automatically, and PC users do not need to use 3rd-party utilities for this. Attempting to use Mac Cleanup Pro or similar software may cause conflicts between the program and the operating system’s features.

Apart from using shady practices to get users to agree to install it, the Mac Cleanup Pro may also display exaggerated results about the issues found on the user’s system. It may tell them that there are urgent fixes and optimizations to be taken care of and failing to do that may result in system instability and performance issues. These statements are false and are nothing more than a fear-mongering strategy whose end-goal is to get users to acquire the full version of the Mac Cleanup Pro.

If you are being bothered by the Mac Cleanup Pro’s notifications and alerts, then you should try to change this situation as soon as possible. Some users report that removing the PUP is a difficult task so that we recommend using a Mac security tool to ensure the full removal of the Mac Cleanup Pro’s components.


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