Threat Database Phishing 'Your WhatsApp Has Expired Today' Scam

'Your WhatsApp Has Expired Today' Scam

The website and pop-ups associated with the 'Your WhatsApp Has Expired Today' scam should not be trusted. They exist solely to try and take advantage of WhatsApp users by displaying completely fake error messages in an attempt to convince their victims into subscribing to unneeded services, downloading a promoted, and most likely dubious application or divulging personal information.

The scheme revolves around several entirely false claims disguised as supposed WhatsApp alerts. The site claims that the user's WhatsApp has expired and if the application is not updated, all of the contacts, messages and photos will be deleted. To add further pressure, the fake pop-ups will display a countdown timer with less than a minute left. Finally, the con page will tell users to press the conveniently shown 'UPDATE NOW' button and then input their phone numbers.

Of course, none of the statements found on the 'Your WhatsApp Has Expired Today' site and pop-ups should be taken seriously. Instead, close the site and scan your system for the presence of any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), as these intrusive applications are often the culprits behind users encountering misleading and dubious websites.

Some of the false alerts shown by 'Your WhatsApp Has Expired Today' scam include:

'WhatsApp Alert
Your WhatsApp has expired today! If you don’t update now, all your contacts, messages, and photos will be lost!

You have 0:53 seconds to update your WhatsApp

Click the Update button below and enter your mobile phone number!


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