'Your Viber Application is not Updated' Pop-Up Scam

'Your Viber Application is not Updated' Pop-Up Scam Description

Users may encounter the 'Your Viber Application is not Updated' pop-up scam on dubious and questionable websites. The scheme involves showing fake warnings and alerts, in an attempt to convince users to follow the instructions provided by the untrustworthy page. The false alerts, in this particular case, concern the popular messaging application Viber. The hoax page will insist that the user's Viber application has not been updated to the latest version. To put further pressure on the unsuspecting users, the false alert also will state that failure to update will result in users losing their contacts, photos and messages.

The goal of the tactic is to trick users into clicking the displayed 'Continue' or 'Update Now' button. Doing so can trigger the download of an intrusive browser-hijacker, adware, or other PUP types (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Users also may be taken to a phishing form or page, where they would be asked to provide sensitive personal information. Such phishing schemes typically want to obtain account details, banking or credit card information, phone numbers, home addresses and more. The collected data can then be abused by the operators of the hoax in a variety of ways, including selling it to other interested third parties.