Threat Database Malware 'You are using an older version of Edge' Scam

'You are using an older version of Edge' Scam

Users should be on the lookout for misleading websites that are spreading malware threats. The pages use deceptive and clickbait messages in an attempt to convince users into downloading and running a JS file that carries the Magniber Ransomware threat.

For the tactic to work, the page is designed to appear as legitimate as possible. It presents itself as an official Microsoft site whose purpose is to warn users that they are supposedly using an older version of Microsoft’s Edge browser. The unsafe page conveniently displays a download button for the alleged new version that leads to the corrupted JS file.

Ransomware threats are incredibly destructive if able to execute on the victim's computer. These threats can lock users from accessing the vast majority of their information stored on compromised devices. The attackers then extort the victims to pay a heft ransom in exchange for the potential restoration of the encrypted files. There are numerous different ransomware threats besides Magniber with some examples being Nqhd, Bmo, and the Night Sky Ransomware.

When dealing with sneaky websites, it is important to pay attention to even the most minute details. There are always telltale signs that something is off and that the page should not be trusted. Another crucial factor is protecting your computer or device with a professional security solution.


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