Threat Database Phishing 'Webmail Center' Scam

'Webmail Center' Scam

Fraudsters are spreading spam emails that act as lures to trick users into revealing their email account credentials. In essence, the 'Webmail Center' scam is another phishing operation trying to obtain sensitive information from its victims. The untrustworthy emails may have a seemingly urgent subject line such as 'URGENT ATTENTION !!!#.' Reading the fake message will leave users with the impression that their email accounts can no longer receive incoming messages, due to a recent system update.

The con artists will try to convince their victims that to fix this non-existent issue, they must verify their emails by logging in again with a valid password. Users will be warned that they will have only three chances to enter the correct password. The message will then conveniently provide them with a button named 'Click here to be redirected and retrieve new emails.' Upon clicking it, users will be taken to a phishing portal masquerading as a legitimate email login page. All information entered into the dubious page will be collected by the fraudsters.

Afterward, the operators of the 'Webmail Centers' scam can proceed to exploit the obtained credentials in numerous different ways. They can assume control over victims' emails and start sending spam messages or corrupted links leading to malware threats. These people also could try to expand their reach and access additional user accounts that are associated with the compromised email. Alternatively, all collected data could be offered for sale to any interested third-party.


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