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'Last Warning: Upgrade your email to avoid Shutting Down' Email Scam

Con artists are trying to trick users into divulging their email account credentials via a phishing campaign. Fake lure emails are likely to be distributed to users' inboxes, claiming that there has been a problem with their email account. More specifically, these corrupted emails will claim that an issue has prevented the completion of the supposed maintenance of the account. If not resolved, the problem will apparently lead to the user's email being blocked and shut down. Users are directed toward clicking the 'Continue Account Maintenance' button found within the misleading email. 

Doing so is not recommended. The link attached to the button will lead the unsuspecting users to a dedicated phishing portal. The site is more than likely designed to appear visually similar to the legitimate login page of a genuine email service provider. However, when users enter the account credentials required by the fake site, the information will be stored and made available to the fraudsters. The consequences could be dire. 

These people could use the collected data to compromise not only the associated email but additional accounts as well. Users could have their social media or messaging accounts breached and used for nefarious purposes, such as monetary schemes, the spread of disinformation, or even as distribution channels for potent malware threats. 


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