Trojan.Glupteba Description

Type: Trojan

The Glupteba Trojan is a threat that has been known to malware researchers for a while. In previous campaigns, it appeared that the main purpose of the Glupteba Trojan is to infect as many devices it can and use them to build a botnet. Usually, botnets are used for crypto mining operations, DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) attacks, and to be rented out as a service to other shady actors online. However, the Glupteba Trojan has recently made a comeback, and its activity appears to be spiking. The Glupteba malware has returned in the shape of a Trojan dropper, which can not only serve as a gateway for more threats to be planted on the host but also can allow its operators to get almost complete control over the infected machine.

This Week In Malware Ep 13: Glupteba Cryptojacking Malware Becomes Unstoppable

Propagation Method

The latest Glupteba variant is propagated via a malvertising campaign that is likely to reach users in multiple parts of the world. Furthermore, the Glupteba Trojan's payload packs a heavily obfuscated dropper that is meant to deliver additional malware - an information collector, and a weaponized exploit that targets a vulnerability in MikroTik routers.

Dropper Module

The Glupteba Trojan has a dropper module, which is used to deliver the MikroTik router exploit, as well as the info stealer. The Glupteba Trojan dropper module is written in Google's Go programming language and has the ability to detect whether it is being run in a sandbox environment or a regular system. Its code is heavily obfuscated to make it nearly impossible for anti-malware tools to detect its activity. The Glupteba dropper module also makes sure to tamper with the Windows Firewall and the Windows Defender and thus manages to bypass their security measures.

Backdoor Module

The Glupteba Trojan's backdoor module packs a wide variety of capabilities. This backdoor module can:

  • Execute a Monero cryptocurrency miner module.
  • Download files.
  • Execute files.
  • Collect files.
  • Modify the Registry.
  • Update its server.
  • List processes.

Infostealer Module

The info stealer module of the Glupteba Dropper can collect saved login credentials from Web browsers like Google Chrome, Yandex Web and Opera. Furthermore, this module can also siphon other sensitive data to the C&C (Command & Control) servers of the attackers such as user profiles, cookies and browsing history.

It is fundamental to download and install a legitimate anti-virus software suite to keep your system safe from nasty threats like the Glupteba malware.

Technical Information

File System Details

Trojan.Glupteba creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 daemonupd.exe 9aeb97dbf06e0d43f48420dbc827b791 186
2 NvdUpd.exe fe951da3899a178c12dd46cb087a74d6 136
3 produpd.exe 7d703a41c2e2f7f61f3c0322160a811b 101
4 monhost.exe 7f189af6207783b8217f24f77d322421 89
5 ProductUpdater.exe 64fec85722a86744dbbc50e337d633a1 16
6 gupdate.exe 55a6cb350897200547131388dc131daf 5
More files

Registry Details

Trojan.Glupteba creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
gupdate 1.00
gupdate 2.00
Registry key
Software\VDI\Shared\Product Updater
Regexp file mask
%APPDATA%\VDI\Shared\Product Updater\monhost.exe
%APPDATA%\VDI\Shared\Product Updater\produpd.exe
%LOCALAPPDATA%\NVIDIA Corporation\Updates\NvdUpd.exe

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