Threat Database Phishing 'Storage Capacity' Scam

'Storage Capacity' Scam

Fraudsters are targeting users' email account credentials and possibly other sensitive information via a phishing campaign. Luring emails posing as notifications from the victim's email service provider are being disseminated to users' inboxes. The fake emails claim that the recipient's email has low storage space left and as a result, several emails with attachments have not been able to be delivered. The supposed messages are now hanging on the server and users are urged to review them by following the conveniently provided 'Review' button.

All of the claims made by the emails part of the 'Storage Capacity' Scam are completely fabricated. Users who follow the instructions will be taken to a dedicated phishing page masquerading as a sign-in portal. The unsafe site will ask its victims to provide their email account credentials (username/password) to verify their identity. Instead, all entered data will be collected and sent to the con artists.

The compromised email accounts could subsequently be exploited as part of various fraudulent activities. The fraudsters may use them to spread malware, distribute more luing emails, ask the victim's contacts for money and more. The con artists also may package all collected account credentials and offer them for sale on underground hacker forums.


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