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Snake Keylogger

Snake is a keylogger program whose primary functionality is to record users’ keystrokes and transmit collected data to the threat actors. An infection with Snake represents a major threat to affected users’ privacy and online safety, considering that this malware can extract all sorts of information virtually – usernames, passwords, other log-in credentials, banking/credit card data. According to researchers, Snake can also exfiltrate stored information from some of the most popular Internet browsers, email clients, and messaging platforms, including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, Foxmail and others.

Furthermore, the Snake Keylogger can make screenshots and extract data from the copy/paste buffer. After compromising the victim’s accounts, threat actors operating Snake could induce fraudulent financial transactions and online purchases or hijack and hold for ransom various important files, documents and other information. In short, the Snake Keylogger causes financial losses, privacy issues, and even identity theft; therefore, it should be removed immediately after detection.

As for the distribution channels, the Snake Keylogger can be bought on underground hacking forums at prices varying from 25 to 500 USD currently. The costs depend on the level of support, the operation timeframe, and the functionality/customizability range. After purchasing the malware, threat actors could infect target computers through common methods, like spam email campaigns, corrupted online advertisements, cracked software, and so on.

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