A rootkit is a software system that consists of a program or combination of several programs designed to hide or obscure the fact that a computer system has been compromised. Contrary to what its name implies a rootkit does not grant you administrator access as it requires prior access to execute and tamper with security files and processes.

A hacker may attempt to use a rootkit to replace vital system executables which may then be used to hide processes and files the hacker has installed along with the presence of the rootkit. A rootkit is intended to seize control of the operating system. Typically rootkits act to obscure their presence on the system through subversion or evasion of standard operating system security mechanisms.

Often they are Trojans as well thus fooling users into believing they are safe to run on their systems. Rootkits may also install a “backdoor” in a system by replacing the login mechanism with an executable that accepts a secret login combination which in turn allows an attacker to access the system regardless of changes to the actual accounts on the system.

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Name Threat Level Detection Count Date
BackDoor-Spyeye!rootkit February 15, 2010
BDS/ZAccess.AL 1010/10 0 October 25, 2012
BDS/ZAccess.V 1010/10 0 August 23, 2012
Crisis 1010/10 0 August 22, 2012
Gen.Rootkit December 9, 2010
Generic Rootkit.ej March 2, 2010
Generic Rootkit.g 66/10 0 August 12, 2009
Hack Tool.HOC October 1, 2010
LoJax October 8, 2018
Mal/ZAccess-D 1010/10 1 December 12, 2011
MBR:Alureon-K [Rtk] December 2, 2011
MBR:Alureon-L 1010/10 0 December 20, 2012
Mebroot March 18, 2015
MosaicRegressor October 6, 2020
NTOSKRNL-HOOK July 22, 2009
Phase Bot 88/10 1 January 13, 2015
Podnuha!sd6 August 4, 2009
Rootkit TDSS.d 88/10 1 August 23, 2011
Rootkit Win32.tdss.mbr November 10, 2010
Rootkit.0access.H 1010/10 0 March 7, 2012
Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local June 3, 2011
Rootkit.Boot.Cidox.b 1010/10 0 May 29, 2012
Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a August 22, 2011
Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.A 88/10 3 November 18, 2011
Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.B 88/10 3 November 18, 2011
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