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SmartBar Toolbar Description

In its essence, the SmartBar Toolbar is a browser add-on which appears within various browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The SmartBar Toolbar is classified as an adware program but even if this may not seem a severe threat to you, the results from its actions may have a negative consequence for your PC's security.

How Does SmartBar Toolbar Appear on Your Browser to Begin With?

You may wonder when and how has this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) appeared in the first place after you haven't intentionally searched or downloaded it. The answer is simple - it comes bundled with some free application which you installed. Many people don't pay close attention when installing a software and just click the "Next" button, this way being tricked into acquiring an additional program "as a bonus" towards their desired program.

What is Its Purpose and How Does It Achieve It?

SmartBar Toolbar claims to improve your browsing experience when, in fact, it proceeds with rather annoying actions. As shown on Image 1, the credit cards stolen from Home Depot

Immediately after you have installed it, your default search engine and homepage will be changed. From this moment on, all of your searches will be transferred to regardless of the search system you used. Although the SmartBar Toolbar is not directly associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), it may have some negative consequences.

The main purpose of this adware is to generate web traffic by providing links - it will highlight and transform ordinary words from the web pages into links. Another trick is to place advertising banners on the web pages, promoting coupons, discounts or other good deals in general. The search engine gains information about your search queries and visited websites so that you will usually find the provided advertisements attractive. In case you click on some of these links, the developer of SmartBar Toolbar will take some revenue as a referral. The danger for you is that some of these links sooner or later will lead to suspicious websites. Because there aren't any available security protocols to check the suggested sites and the legitimacy of their owners, some of them may turn out to be malicious. Basically, this is a possibility for the SmartBar Toolbar to redirect you to suspicious sites, which may lead to PC threats.

How Can I Avoid Installing the SmartBar Toolbar?

Unlike the worms that are often downloaded without your consent and just by following a link over the Internet, for example, you need to agree in order to install the SmartBar Toolbar. If you follow these easy steps, you will not have to deal with this adware later on;

  • Be very careful about what kind of programs you install and which sites you use. This is a basic rule regarding your computer safety.
  • Use the Custom Installation Wizard. Carefully read everything at each stage of the installation process and pay attention if your desired software comes together with another program.
  • If you notice that the installation guide suggest something else, simply unselect the unwanted applications.

What If It Is Already Too Late - How Can I Uninstall the SmartBar Toolbar?

Although technically SmartBar is not a virus, you see that at best it is just annoying, but may lead to more serious results. This adware may show some unpleasant capabilities. Follow these easy steps to uninstall it.

  1. First, try to remove it from your Windows OS - from the 'Start' Button, click on the Control Panel, and then 'Uninstall' a program and choose the SmartBar Toolbar.
  2. Go to your browser, find the 'Add-ons/Extensions' Tab and remove the SmartBar Toolbar. If this doesn't work, try resetting the browser.

If these steps don't prove to be effective, we recommend a specialized anti-malware program. Also, an in-depth security scan will help you with other malware software which may also be present.

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