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Linkury Smartbar Description

Linkury Smartbar is an adware program, developed by Linkury Inc. that comes in the form of a browser add-on. It covers all of the biggest browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Linkury SmartBar may turn out to be difficult to remove and all in all it is pretty useless, so it is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The official definition of the Linkury SmartBar is a "content engagement tool". This means that it gains access to your search details, visited sites and cookies and, based on them, shows you advertisements you may find attractive. Despite its issues, the creators of Linkury SmartBar recommend it as a browser enhancing tool, this statement appears to be misleading.

How Do You Get Linkury SmartBar?

As most of the adware programs, Linkury SmartBar comes bundled with a free software such as CD burning software that you downloaded and installed. Many people skip the details of the installation process, so they miss the additional programs (in this case, Linkury SmartBar) that come along with their desired software. In order to avoid such unnecessary applications, we recommend always to choose the 'Custom' installation option and carefully read the information in each stage of the process. This way you will not be misled into installing something you don't want to.

How Does Linkury SmartBar Function?

Linkury SmartBar replaces your default homepage with "" and your primary search engine with with the sole purpose of connecting you to various retailers. Some of the advertisements appear in the shape of constant and irritating pop-up messages. As the Linkury SmartBar refers you to third-party sites, they earn a referral commission. Because they want to maximize their revenues, you may find yourself flooded with advertisements and spam.

The real danger, however, stands in the fact that Linkury SmartBar is associated with suspicious activities and may sometimes redirect you to possibly harmful sites. Linkury SmartBar uses your computer resources and so many users report that following the installation of this adware they find their browsers slower than usual. Browser crashes are often observed as well, and you may find these side effects quite annoying.

Manual uninstallation may not be effective against the Linkury SmartBar. For this reason, specialists recommend using a specially designed anti-malware program. This automatic method is simple and reliable. Apart from finding and deleting all files associated with the Linkury SmartBar, the anti-malware software will help you avoid such complications and many others infiltrations in the future.

Aliases: PUP/LinkUry [Panda], TROJ_GEN.F47V1231 [TrendMicro-HouseCall], TROJ_GEN.F47V0614 [TrendMicro-HouseCall], Adware.Linkury (fs) [VIPRE], ApplicUnwnt [Comodo], TROJ_GEN.RC1H1B5 [TrendMicro-HouseCall], TROJ_GEN.RCBH1B7 [TrendMicro-HouseCall], not-a-virus:AdWare.MSIL [Ikarus], TROJ_GEN.RCBH1B3 [TrendMicro-HouseCall], Adware/MSIL_Agent [Fortinet], a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.A [ESET-NOD32], [VBA32], Trojan.MulDrop4.24551 [DrWeb], [Kaspersky] and TROJ_GEN.RC1H1B1 [TrendMicro-HouseCall].

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Security Doesn't Let You Download SpyHunter or Access the Internet?

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  • IE Users: Disable proxy server for Internet Explorer to browse the web with Internet Explorer or update your anti-spyware program. Malware modifies your Windows settings to use a proxy server to prevent you from browsing the web with IE.

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Technical Information

Infection Statistics

Our MalwareTracker shows malware activity across the world. Explore real-time data of Linkury Smartbar outbreaks and other threats from global to local level.

File System Details

Linkury Smartbar creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\Lrcnta.exe 12,832 a74d34069f954db1699c2b0020377b7b 4,254
2 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Linkury\Application\Linkury.exe 102,712 a81220abb85b64d3db37eb22b0a5edea 1,808
3 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\QuickShare.exe 13,824 9738f8381abbae25733df953c31ba8c8 1,079
4 %USERPROFILE%\Ustawienia lokalne\Dane aplikacji\Smartbar\Application\Delta.exe 20,248 6c78380ae4ca3bd32895220dea26480e 970
5 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\WCService\WCService.exe 35,840 db2b2ab65f30a17e8e1b271ede182186 620
6 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\Luckysave.exe 13,824 a660855cdcf034578bf2f074fd45ad74 315
7 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\Muvic.exe 20,992 d607c0357ef1f3fa480636bd51c5f615 286
8 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Linkury\Application\Smartbar.exe 19,272 f035760139dd7b947a15de78d867c214 185
9 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\SavePass.exe 27,680 a1e91428c80e6ca65171cf1426319b98 152
10 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\SafeFinder.exe 27,416 e1bbd5b5acdeaf6ee4ef0c4c4cf60f3a 135
11 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\WhiteSmoke.exe 13,824 0c78403362209ae03f02ae9f879b1b0a 106
12 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\BrowserHelper.exe 21,504 71fe522d89d54302a5557f28b93590bc 80
13 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\SnapDo.exe 21,536 bcc5abf0b510dfd0d77bd5680db8f175 69
14 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\ProductsRemovalTool.exe 117,528 0aad0ad495fd8cf839665493d7b81bc5 67
15 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Smartbar\Application\MagicBox.exe 20,248 588351a7743e4dc9ded18bcbab3cedc0 65
More files

Registry Details

Linkury Smartbar creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION, value: Linkury.exe
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\Browser Infrastructure Helper
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, value: Linkury Chrome Smartbar
The following CLSID's were found:
HKEY..\..\{CLSID Path}

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