Shopping Helper Smartbar

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 14,459
Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 1,188
First Seen: March 13, 2014
Last Seen: June 25, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Shopping Helper Smartbar Image

Shopping Helper is a PUP that is responsible for numerous issues on affected computers. Although Shopping Helper is marketed as a way for computer users to gain access to deals, discounts and coupons when shopping online, security researchers have observed that Shopping Helper's services are seldom as effective as advertised. In fact, rather than helping computer users find what they need, Shopping Helper is designed specifically to expose them to numerous advertisements for things that are not necessary. It is crucial to understand that there are significant problems with Shopping Helper apart from the fact that Shopping Helper is extremely irritating. Shopping Helper may cause serious performance issues on affected computers, hijack the victim's Web browser, expose the computer to potentially threatening online content and compromise the computer user's privacy. With this in mind, security analysts advise the immediate removal of Shopping Helper from the affected computer.

Above we mentioned the four reasons why Shopping Helper may be potentially harmful. The reasons for this are listed below:

  1. Shopping Helper may cause significant performance problems because Shopping Helper consumes system resources and activates automatically. Shopping Helper may also connect to the Internet, consuming bandwidth and preventing computer users from connecting to their preferred websites as normal.
  2. Shopping Helper may take over Web browsers, forcing them to visit potentially compromised websites repeatedly.
  3. Shopping Helper may expose your computer to potentially unsafe online content through its browser redirects and through its numerous advertisements. Clicking on Shopping Helper advertisements may lead to unsafe websites or trying to install other PUPs on your computer.
  4. Shopping Helper may compromise your security by gathering information about your computer and browsing habits and relaying it to a third party for market research purposes.

Because of this reason, a reliable security program should be used when uninstalling Shopping Helper. Even if Shopping Helper can be uninstalled as normal, the fact that Shopping Helper may expose your computer to other harmful component makes Shopping Helper a security risk to your computer requiring a reliable anti-virus application to be certain that no harm has been done.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Shopping Helper Smartbar

File System Details

Shopping Helper Smartbar may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. ShoppinHelper2_Setup.exe 7014d7eac25f92fdaf204f129fabf5ff 6
2. C:\Users\\appdata\local\smartbar\common\iconswide
3. axinterop.wmplib.dll
4. browserhelper.exe
5. googlechromeremoteplugin.dll
6. interop.shdocvw.dll
7. interop.wmplib.dll
8. mactrackbarlib.dll
9. microsoft.mshtml.dll
10. microsoft.practices.enterpriselibrary.common.dll
11. microsoft.practices.enterpriselibrary.exceptionhandling.dll
12. microsoft.practices.enterpriselibrary.exceptionhandling.logging.dll
13. microsoft.practices.enterpriselibrary.logging.dll
14. microsoft.practices.objectbuilder.dll
15. ndde.dll
16. newtonsoft.json.dll
17. productsremovaltool.exe
18. regasm.exe
19. smartbar.exe
20. smartbar.gui.controls.dll
21. smartbar.gui.docking.dll
22. smartbar.gui.mainclient.dll
23. smartbar.infrastructure.businessentities.dll
24. smartbar.infrastructure.core.dll
25. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.chromelocalplugin.dll
26. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.firefoxlocalplugin.dll
27. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.internetexplorerlocalplugin.dll
28. smartbar.infrastructure.utilities.dll
29. smartbar.personalization.common.dll
30. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.dmp.dll
31. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.messengerplugin.dll
32. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.notepadplugin.dll
33. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.screencaptureplugin.dll
34. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.weatherplugin.dll
35. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.wordplugin.dll
36. smartbar.resources.historyandstatswrapper.dll
37. smartbar.resources.languagesettings.dll
38. smartbar.resources.languagesettings.resources.dll
39. smartbar.resources.socialnetssharer.dll
40. smartbar.resources.socialnetssharer.xmlserializers.dll
41. smartbar.resources.translations.dll
42. smartbarfirefoxremoteplugin_20.dll
43. smartbarfirefoxremoteplugin_21.dll
44. smartbarfirefoxremoteplugin_22.dll
45. smartbarinternetexplorerbho.dll
46. smartbarinternetexplorerextension.dll
47. smartbarversionshelper.exe
49. smartbarfirefoxremoteplugin_23.dll
50. smartbar.gui.multimedia.dll
51. smartbar.gui.multimedia.loader.dll
52. smartbar.infrastructure.eventmanager.dll
53. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.base.dll
54. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.defaultbrowser.dll
55. smartbar.infrastructure.plugins.sharemanagerlocalplugin.dll
56. smartbar.personalization.businessentities.dll
57. smartbar.personalization.businesslogic.dll
58. smartbar.personalization.servicesplugins.uninstallproductsplugin.dll
59. smartbar.personalization.settings.personalizationsettingsmanager.dll
60. smartbar.personalization.settings.usersettingsmanager.dll
61. smartbar.resources.automaticupdates.dll
62. smartbar.resources.browserhelperutils.dll
63. smartbar.resources.generalutilities.dll
64. smartbar.resources.netseer.dll
65. smartbar.resources.processdownmonitor.dll
66. smartbar.resources.productsremovallibary.dll
67. smartbar.resources.productuninstaller.dll
68. smartbar.resources.setbrowserssettings.dll
69. smartbar.resources.setbrowserssettingsautoupdater.dll
70. smartbar.resources.shortcutslibrary.dll
71. smartbar.resources.sidebyside.dll
72. smartbar.resources.uninstallscreen.dll
73. smartbar.resources.urlhistorysupplier.dll
74. smartbar.resources.utilities.dll
75. smartbarfirefoxremoteplugin_24.dll

Registry Details

Shopping Helper Smartbar may create the following registry entry or registry entries:


Shopping Helper Smartbar may call the following URLs:


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