Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Mr Beast Giveaway' Pop-up Scam

'Mr Beast Giveaway' Pop-up Scam

Fraudsters are using the name of the popular Youtuber MrBeast to lure people into participating in a fake giveaway. The completely fake Mr Beast Giveaway pop-ups have been observed to be propagated by deceptive or untrustworthy websites. The messages claim that users have a chance to win $1000. However, to receive this supposed reward, visitors are asked to click on the displayed 'CLAIM REWARD' button and then follow the instructions displayed on the new page. One of the conditions is to download and install 'sponsors applications.' It is crucial to point out that neither Jimmy Donaldson ('MrBeast') or his YouTube channel have any connection to this blatant scheme.

Users should be wary when dealing with giveaway schemes of this type. The fraudsters often use the names of popular personalities or reputable companies as an attempt to attract users and make the tactic appear more legitimate. In reality, unsuspecting visitors are often asked to download a dubious promoted application or to provide sensitive personal information. In the case of the Mr Beast Giveaway scam, both are present.

First, the fraudsters tell users to download any of the supposed software products of the giveaway's sponsors. Applications distributed through such convoluted and questionable methods are often PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) pretending to be useful products. Instead, they are primarily concerned with monetizing their presence through adware, browser hijacker, data collection or other intrusive functionalities.

The next phase of the Mr Beast Giveaway tactic involves asking users to enter their email addresses associated with a PayPal account, all under the pretense that the promised $1000 reward will be delivered within minutes. Of course, no money is awarded, while the con artists collect all information provided by their victims. Typically, the operators of such phishing schemes use the collected data to try and compromise the user's accounts. Alternatively, they could package the obtained information and offer it for sale to any interested third parties, potentially including cybercriminal organizations.

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