Monero Malware

Monero Malware Description

Monero is a well-known cryptocurrency, which is a competitor to the also highly-favored Bitcoin. Due to the fast-rising value of cryptocurrencies, they become very popular among investors and people that, no matter licit or illicit, want to fatten their wallets, by using third-party machines to mine cryptocurrencies without the computer owner's knowledge. Now, they have developed a very sophisticated cryptocurrency mining malware and named it the Monero Malware.

The Monero malware is considered a malware and Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by security researchers because no one will download and install such a program on their machines voluntarily. However, PUPs have an easy way inside a computer by bundling themselves with other applications, being installed by corrupted advertisements or websites and other, misleading ways. The cryptocurrency mining demands a lot of the resources of a machine, and this is what the Monero Malware does to the machines it infects. These machines will be very slow, can freeze and even crash. Also, it can cause monetary loss to the computer owner because it is the controller of the Monero Malware who will collect the cryptocurrency it mines, not the computer owner. The Monero Malware should be removed immediately with an anti-malware program.

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