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Evasive Monero Miner

The Evasive Monero Miner threat is a particularly cunning piece of malware. The developers of the Evasive Monero Miner have made sure this hacking tool operates very silently. To be out of the radar of anti-malware tools and observant users, the Evasive Monero Miner operates filelessly. This means that the Evasive Monero Miner injects its payload into the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the compromised system directly. By doing so, this threat leaves no traces of its harmful activity, making it exceptionally stealthy. Anti-virus engines may have a very hard time spotting the presence of threats like the Evasive Monero Miner due to the lack of footprint of unsafe activity on the infected computer.

The Evasive Monero Miner is utilized as a first-stage payload. This means that this threat paves the way for the attackers to inject additional malware on the compromised PC. The Evasive Monero Miner is used to enable the attackers to plant the XMRig miner on the hijacked system. The XMRig miner is a popular open-source tool used by a large number of cybercriminals worldwide. Once the Evasive Monero Miner has infected a computer, it is capable of spotting whether it is being performed in a sandbox environment or a regular system. If the threat spots traces of software used in malware debugging, it will halt its operation. The Evasive Monero Miner would also check the system for the presence of the Windows SmartScreen service. If there is no trace of the activity of this security tool, the Evasive Monero Miner will proceed with the attack by initializing a copy of the Tor browser – a tool used for browsing the Deep Web. Next, the Evasive Monero Miner would connect to a '.onion' domain and grab the payload of a miner that will be planted on the compromised system.

After injecting the infected computer with the final payload, the Evasive Monero Miner will wipe out any traces it may have left on the infected computer. Meanwhile, the XMRig miner will be mining for cryptocurrencies in the background. Having a cryptocurrency miner present on your system may reduce its lifespan as these applications use up a lot of computing power and cause computers to overheat for prolonged periods of time.

To avoid falling victim to the Evasive Monero Miner or a similar threat, you should have installed a reputable anti-virus tool on your system. Also, do not forget to update all your software regularly.


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