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KmsdBot Malware

The KmsdBot malware is an intrusive threat, capable of performing several, different threatening activities on the infected devices. The exact consequences of a KmsdBot infection will depend on the specific goals of the threat actors. Details about the threat were released to the public in a report by researchers. According to their findings, the operators of KmsdBot target entities operating in the technology, luxury car manufacturing and gaming sectors primarily. 

Once KmsdBot manages to successfully infiltrate a computer, it will add it to an active botnet. The compromised device will then be exploited alongside all other breached systems to launch DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm the capacity of the targeted website, service, or system by flooding it with repeated requests. As a result, the target may become unresponsive and fail to fulfill legitimate requests. 

In addition, KmsdBot can establish control over the hardware resources of the device and use them to mine for a chosen cryptocurrency. In essence, the threat can operate as a crypto-miner. Due to the drastic reduction in free hardware capacity, the affected systems could begin experiencing frequent freezes or slowdowns. While active on the victim's device, the threat also could be instructed by its operators to collect sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, system login credentials, etc.


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