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Instagram virus

By CagedTech in Malware

The Instagram virus has been a computer threat that dates back to 2018 where it was primarily known for spreading through aggressive spam and phishing campaigns. Such campaigns were inclined to redirecting computer users to websites that look legitimate and then demanded the login credentials for Instagram accounts through an enticing method.

On many occasions the Instagram virus started through spam emails with links that sent users to phishing sites where the login credentials were naturally stolen. When stolen, the credentials were then used to leverage certain Instagram accounts to spread propaganda and many other malevolent-intent items or even push the sales of items on the Internet. In other instances, the Instagram virus directed viewers of compromised accounts to pages just for clicks or impressions as part of a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression scheme.

The Instagram virus is easily avoidable either by limiting the click or opening of spam messages and identifying of phishing sites. In any case, the Instagram virus can be detected and prevented by using an antimalware resource. Moreover, using an antimalware program will suffice to automatically detect and eliminate the Instagram virus on a Windows PC.

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