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Computer Security List

.CRIMSON Ransomware Module Shipped With Java STRRAT to Steal Account Credentials
'Agent Smith' Android Malware Secretly Replacing WhatsApp and Others Infects 25 Million Devices
'Android.Pjapps' Trojan Infects Android Smartphone App 'Steamy Windows' and Runs Up Texting Bills
'Avalanche' Gang Blamed for Most Online Phishing Attacks
'Better History' Chrome Extension Caught Hijacking Browser with Ads
'Courvoisier' Hacker Sold Customer Credentials over Dark Web from 17 Companies Pleaded Guilty to Multiple Offenses
'CryptoJoker' is the Latest Crypto-Type Ransomware Allowing Ransom Fee Negotiation
'Doodle-4-Google' Contest Collected Kids' Social Security Numbers and Drew Controversy
'Facebook Security' Phishing Emails Target Facebook Page Owners to Steal Login Details
'Family Link' Facebook App Serves Malware Ads Linked to Fake Antivirus
'FIFA World Cup South Africa Bad News' Spam Email Redirects to Malware-Hosting Sites
'Great Duke Of Hell' DLL Malware Attack Uncovers Vicious Astaroth Fileless Malware Threat
'Hacking Team' Surveillance Software Provider for Government Agencies Hacked, 400GB of Data Leaked
'How to Hack ISIS' Guides Released by Anonymous Hacker Group to Continue Fight Against ISIS Terrorists
'I am shocked!!!!' Video Scams Going Viral on Facebook
'I made this for you' Instagram Scam
'Malware-as-a-service' Market Booms as Prices for Malware and Botnet Creation Tools Decline
'Midnight Blizzard' Cyberattacks Uncovered: Microsoft's Battle Against State-Sponsored Cyber Threats
'ODCODC' Ransomware Encryption Gets Cracked for Free
'Pintsized' Malware Slips by Fortified Gatekeeper Security to Attack Apple Mac OS X Users
'ReclaimPrivacy' Privacy Checker Tool Scans Your Facebook Settings for Privacy Holes
'Steve Jobs Alive!' Spam Email Distributes Waledac.C Trojan
'Test A New iPad or iPhone 4 And Keep It' Scams Hits Facebook
'The Lulz Boat (Lulz Security)' Hacker Group Attempts to Compromise 1 Million Accounts in Sony Website Attack
'Tis The Season to Get Malware: Computer Infections Could Double During the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season
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