Threat Database Spam 'Impex Delivery Services' Scam

'Impex Delivery Services' Scam

Users receiving an 'Impex Delivery Services' email have become a target of a scheme. These emails are designed to act as a lure to get users to fall into the con artists' trap. In this case, users are told that they have inherited a significant amount of money - $850,000, to be precise. The inheritance has apparently been registered with 'Impex Delivery Services' and an associated ATM card is waiting to be claimed. The email also states that Impex has already covered the related insurance and delivery fees. Here is that catch, though - before the recipients can receive the supposed ATM card, they will need to pay a delivery fee.

The sum of this fee is not revealed in the hoax email and users are directed towards contacting the provided email address at '' The fraudsters present this email as belonging to the head office of the company. Of course, users will instead be contacting the operators behind the tactic who will try to extract as much money from them as possible.

Furthermore, schemes of this type typically have a phishing element, as well. The fraudsters could use various social-engineering techniques to get the unsuspecting users to divulge numerous private or sensitive details about themselves. Alternatively, users could be directed toward phishing portals designed to appear as legitimate websites, usually from a reputable company. Any information entered into these sites is then scraped and made available to the con artists.


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