Threat Database Spam 'Error from Your Mail Server' Scam

'Error from Your Mail Server' Scam

The 'Error from Your Mail Server' emails are disseminated as part of a phishing scheme. The fraudsters aim to trick users into visiting a phishing page that will collect all entered information. In this particular tactic, the lure emails claim that users have failed to receive 4 incoming emails. According to the fake messages, the only way to get these emails before they are deleted is to reactivate the email session.

The subject line of the deceiving emails may contain the email account of the user and could be similar to 'Mail Delivery Issues in [Email].' Recipients will be directed to press the conveniently provided 'Restore Emails' button as a way to resolve the issue and supposedly receive the non-existent incoming emails. In reality, the button leads to a phishing page designed to appear as a login portal.

Users will be asked to provide their email account credentials, but all entered information will be collected and provided to the fraudsters. Subsequently, the operators of the phishing scheme can assume control over the compromised accounts and exploit them as part of various fraudulent activities. They could attempt to expand their reach by accessing additional accounts belonging to the victims, send messages to the victim's contacts, spread disinformation or malware threats, and more. The gathered credentials could easily be packaged and offered for sale to any interested parties, including cybercriminal organizations.


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