Threat Database Phishing 'DHL e-Shipping Invoice' Scam

'DHL e-Shipping Invoice' Scam

Ill-minded people are trying to misappropriate users' email account credentials in a new phishing operation. The tactic involves the dissemination of numerous, lure emails pretending to be notifications for a shipping invoice. To better mask their true intentions, the fake emails pretend to be sent by DHL, a popular logistics company, while also mentioning the USPS (United States Postal Service). For example, the subject line of the con emails is 'We shipped your order DHL/USPS Tracking #:' or something similar. Of couves, none of the companies mentioned in these emails have any connection to this scheme.

The recipients of the lure messages are told that they can view the aforementioned invoice or make any inquiries about it by opening the attached file, presented as a 'shipping portal.' The truth is that the attachment is an HTML phishing file. When executed, it will ask users to provide their email account credentials to supposedly gain access to the non-existent invoice or shipping documents. Any entered information will be harvested and transmitted to the operators of the 'DHL e-Shipping Invoice' scam.

With the compromised credentials at their disposal, the threat actors could take over the email accounts of their victims and exploit them as part of various fraudulent activities. They may try to message the victim's contacts and ask for money, by pretending to be the legitimate owner of the account, spread misinformation or distribute malware threats. The con artists also could try to compromise any additional accounts that are connected to the breached email. Alternatively, all of the collected credentials could be offered for sale to any interested parties, which may include cybercriminals.


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