'DBS Bank' Email Scam

'DBS Bank' Email Scam Description

The 'DBS Bank' email scam involves a spam email campaign that is disseminating thousands of bait emails to inboxes of unsuspecting users. This particular tactic involves emails designed to appear as if they are being sent by the DBS Bank, a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation. Naturally, the actual corporation has absolutely no connection and is not responsible for the release of the fake emails. 

So, the first thing about this unsafe campaign that users will notice is the title of the bait email - it should be something like 'Fwd: Bank Fund Transfer//MT103.' The body of the fake message continues to pretend that the user has received a payment to their account. To see how much they have supposedly received, the fake email asks users to open the attached 'receipt.' Trying to open the file redirects users to a dedicated phishing page.

The hoax website asks users to log in by entering their email addresses and the associated passwords. Afterward, the information is packaged and uploaded to a remote server under the control of the fraudsters. Having gained illegitimate access to the user's email, the operators of the tactic can escalate their access by looking for related social media, network or financial accounts. The next fraudulent steps could largely be determined by the specific accounts they have managed to breach. 

Fake emails that pretend to be sent by a popular entity are commonly used as vehicles for threatening campaigns. That is why users should always exercise caution when dealing with unexpected messages such as the ones delivered by the 'DBS Bank' email scam.