Computer Security

Name Date
Equifax Hit With Major CyberAttack Potentially Affecting 143 Million Customers September 8, 2017
Essential Safety Tips to Remember When Surfing Online February 25, 2016
Estonian Man Faces 25-Years in Jail for Admiting Involvement in DNS Changer Malware Scheme February 11, 2013
EU Security Agency ENISA Reports the Cybercrime Industry to be Worth More Than USD$10 billion Yearly March 11, 2011
Europol Takes Down Goznym Malware Network May 22, 2019
EV Ransomware Puts WordPress Websites in Its Crosshairs August 30, 2017
Exchange Your Weak Passwords for Super Strong Passwords August 27, 2010
FACEBANK? Facebook Announces New Security Feature Similar to Online Banking July 8, 2010
Facebook 'Likejacking' Attack: Do Not Click on 'Paramore N-a-k-ed Photo Leaked!'Scam May 18, 2017
Facebook 'Likejacking': Funny Site with '15 Worst Construction Mistakes EVER!' Image Leads to Scam Quiz Sites May 17, 2017
Facebook Adds 'Remote Logout' Feature to Increase Security and Reduce Scams September 3, 2010
Facebook and Netflix Resetting Passwords due to Wave of Data Breaches June 9, 2016
Facebook Clickjacking Attack Spreads Troj/iframe-ET Worm Through 'Like' Feature May 18, 2017
Facebook Debacle Presses Zuckerberg and Raises Serious Personal Data Security Questions among Computer Users April 12, 2018
Facebook Helps to Ease Security Concerns over Device Makers Given Unfettered Access to User Data June 5, 2018
Facebook Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit Over Privacy Changes July 8, 2010
Facebook Introduces One-Time Temporary Passwords to Prevent Account Hacking October 13, 2010
Facebook Notifies 14 Million Users Whose Private Posts were Shared as Public Due to Bug June 21, 2018
Facebook Phishing Scam Collected User Personal, Financial Data Before Disabled by Facebook January 8, 2016
Facebook Privacy Tips: How to Limit Who Can Access Your Address, Phone Numbers and other Personal Information April 14, 2011
Facebook Privacy: Six Reasons You Should Definitely Worry About Facebook 'Connections' July 14, 2010
Facebook Rogue Application 'I will NEVER text again' May Spread Malware and Spam April 5, 2011
Facebook Shuts Down Fake Profiles Designed to Spread Malware July 26, 2012
Facebook Spammer Adam Guerbuez Attempts to Cash in on $873M Fine October 6, 2010
Facebook Stands by Their Privacy Changes Despite Users' Concerns June 8, 2010

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