Computer Security

Name Date
Browser Proxy Server Settings Hijacked and Locked by Malicious WebSearcher February 25, 2016
Bucbi Ransomware Resurfaces Using Brute-Force Methods to Spread onto Corporate Networks May 9, 2016
Buggy McAfee Antivirus Update Cripples Windows XP PCs June 9, 2010
Businesses Continue to Struggle With Social Network Security September 27, 2010
California Mac Technician Arrested for Secretly Installing Webcam Peeping Software on Women's Computers June 10, 2011
Canadian Hacker Pleads Guilty for Massive Yahoo Data Breach that Affected 500 Million Accounts December 13, 2017
Carbanak Hackers use vicious Bateleur Malware to Attack Restaurant Chains Across US August 7, 2017
Carbonite Online Backup Service Resets User Passwords Due to Cyber Attack June 22, 2016
Caution: Phishing Email Scam Targets EFTPS Taxpayers September 22, 2010
Caution: Your Social Security Number Could Be Available Online via Indexed Tax Documents April 12, 2011
Cellular Communications Said to be Intercepted by US Marshals Utilizing Secret US Technology Device December 12, 2014
Cerber Ransomware Evolves to Announce File Encryption Process with Loud Creepy Voice March 7, 2016
Charles Schwab Investment Accounts Targeted in Latest Zeus Botnet Attack October 19, 2010
China Suspected to Carry Out Massive DDoS Attacks Against Philippine Government Websites July 19, 2016
Chinese Hackers Continue to Target US Despite Anti-Spying Pact October 22, 2015
Chinese Smartphones Manufacturer Denies Pre-Installed Malware Claims May 24, 2018
Chrome Saying It's 'Managed by Your Organization' May Indicate Malware May 28, 2019
Chromium Web Browser's New Reset Option Allows for Easier Malware Recovery May 29, 2013
Clampi Trojan Causing Theft of Online Banking Credentials from Thousands May 10, 2010
Clever Adware Threat Distributes Dangerous Trojan on Mac Computers September 23, 2015
Clever Malware Replaces Web Browser with Dangerous 'eFast' Chrome Lookalike October 20, 2015
Comcast Tests Browser Alerts to Warn Customers of Bot-Infected PCs May 14, 2010
Companies Prepping for Ransomware Attacks by Stockpiling Bitcoin Funds June 8, 2016
Compromised Third-Party Plugin Injects Monero-Mining Script into Thousands of Websites February 16, 2018
Computer Security and Malware Trends to Expect in 2011 August 17, 2012

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